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POLA is a professional retro

POLAROID photography company

Click, a picture comes out of the camera and... please.
We use analog
Polaroid cameras just like the old days, to provide you with a vintage experience that oozes style.
And many more retro Polaroid experiences that will go with you forever.

Let's Party together 

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Our Business Clients


"POLAPOLAROID was one of the most recommended suppliers for our wedding, they went through the whole period of uncertainty of the Coronavirus with us and all the while maintained the most personal, warm, and professional attitude. They did not change a detail in the price and what was agreed upon even though it was a difficult year for everyone.. really appreciated it. In addition to that, at the event itself, the photographer was stunning, the nicest, and most fun, she really felt like one of our friends. She mingled in the most comfortable and effortless way, and most importantly, she took amazing photos and everyone was blown away by the photos!! In short, it is warmly and wholeheartedly recommended."

The wedding of Guy and Itamar



our vision

Our Vision

We genuinely believe that documenting you in your most important moments is a responsibility that requires the best.

What You Get

PolaPolaroid is an additional service for you and your guests.
one of our PolaPolaroid photographers will walk betwine your guests, picture them, and give them the photo from the polaroid camera straight to their hand.
They will be able to see their Polaroid photo magic reveal within 5 seconds from a blank film to a colorful retro photo. 
We provide you with a professional and original retro Polaroid photography service including a special & boho-chick designed Polaroid station so that your guests can see their amazing photos hanging waiting for them, On the station will available for them Polaroid accessories such as Hand-cut wine corks as a photo table stand and magnets stickers that can be pasted behind the picture to hang on their refrigerator, we believe that a great memory deserves an honorable place to be seen.
And you guys! the most important people of this event you'll get an extraordinary gift, a wooden box designed by PolaPolaroid with all of your special moments from this awesome day, and a small bag with polaroid accessories.
we come from Israel with a lot of experience with more than 600 events a year and we decided to provide our services here as well, We will be very happy and excited to take part in your fantastic event and answer all your questions.

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How we started POLAPOLAROID

Our wedding day, June 21st, 2018, 300 guests, in the mountains of Jerusalem, Israel. we thought about what it's the best gift that we can give to our guests and say thank you for the love.
We have seen the things already familiar to all, Photobooths, and so on... but we wanted something retro and special!  We wanted our guests to go wow, and then we found the Polaroid idea, but it was or DIY that super expensive so we thought about DIY, we bought a camera, and a few films and We asked a friend to help us take pictures, it was a big success everybody was shocked that they get the picture right away. the photos weren't so good, and we didn't leave enough photos for ourselves, we decided that we want to give other couples these beautiful Polaroid memories in a professional way and as of today more than 1600 happy couples have PolaPolaroid memory box and more than  400,000 guests have en unforgettable memories, we are so grateful that happiness is our work.



Choose your package!
All our packages include unlimited original Polaroid photos. The price of the package depends on the number of guests and the location of the event 

Basic 100 guests

2 hours of photography

Unlimited instax film

Photo hanging stand + accessories

From 2500$

Basic 200 guests

2 hours of photography

Unlimited instax film

Photo hanging stand + accessories

From 2700$

Super 100 guests

4 hours of photography

Unlimited instax film

Photo hanging stand + accessories

From 2750$

Super 200 guests

4 hours of photography

Unlimited instax film

Photo hanging stand + accessories

From 3000$


Craft envelopes signed in ink with the couple's name or
Branded stickers with the couple's name.

From 200-400$

Extra distance

Out of toronto, depense of the location

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Waiting to be excited with you

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Thank you! well get back to you ASAP


If you are looking for a unique refreshing addition to your event, a retro stand for a wedding, or a perfect punch for a business event, you have come to the right place.
We are already waiting to get to know you and give you service from the movies (of the 90s of course (: after all, it is a Polaroid!)

PolaPolaroid  is a professional Polaroid photography company, specializing exclusively in Polaroid photography!
Click, a picture comes out of the camera, and... please.
We use analog Instax wide cameras just like in the old days, to provide you with a vintage experience that is full of style.​

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